Ways To Incorporate A Television Into Your Bedroom

Incorporating technology such as a TV into your room is a common dilemma especially when you don’t want it competing for center stage with your décor.  However, there are several ways of integrating these units that have become an integral part of our lives in our bedroom spaces without marring your designs you have taken a very real time to create.

Options For TV Placement Inside Bedroom

Some of the bedroom design ideas for television  you can choose from are as discussed below:

1. Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry Bedroom Design

Comfort is all that you need when incorporating technology into your room. The television kit can be installed along with its cabinetry to ensure that the TV is unobtrusive as much as possible.

Excellent TV cabinetry can lend a sense of style to your bedroom’s focal point. If you can’t find one that suits your taste, you can always hire a carpenter to have a custom-made TV cabinet that will perfectly match your desired specification.

2. Unobtrusive TVUnobtrusive TV Design

This design idea involves implementing a media wall which will hide your TV from a direct line of sight and hence not compromising on your elegance. The TV is mounted to flush perfectly with the wall, in fact, when switched on it nearly disappears right into the wall.

It will not distract from other important highlights of your bedroom. It is important to note that the TV should be able to adjust to a comfortable angle to prevent straining your neck while watching.


3. Above The FireplaceAbove the fireplace Bedroom Design

Another great option is to place your flat screen TV on top of the stove just like placing any other large piece of décor. The fireplace should be beautiful so as to remain the focal point and should not compete with the TV.

4. Room Divider With TVRoom Divider With TV Design

Room divider with TV is yet another contemporary option for the large bedroom and can be a great way of breaking up space. Besides, room dividers are attractive and bring a sense of style into a spacious bedroom.

Consider wiring the divider unit and stick your flat TV screen. Another stylish way of using the room divider is to have a bespoke design with rotating TV mount.

5. Retractable TV

Retractable TV Design

This design allows the TV to be hidden out of sight while not in use. Use of strategic placements for your flat TV screen has become commonplace; this can either be on walls, ceilings or consoles.

Use of beautifully designed sliding doors can be used to conceal the television in an instant and entirely changing the vibe of your bedroom from a casual to a more sophisticated look.

6. Corner Media CenterCorner Media Center tv design

You can create a complete media center at a corner of your room since this isolated spot can be excellent for your TV and other media devices. You can have a built-in corner console that can perfectly fit into an unused corner of your bedroom that comes with a center and side cabinets to provide you with more storage for any of your other media devices. This design also ensures that cables concealed for a neat and hassle-free mounting.

7. Use Of FramesBedroom Frames TV Design

Most flat screen TV sets usually mounted at a focal point of our bedroom walls. A good idea that can enhance style is to mount a sharp-looking frame around your TV set. Use a wooden frame that matches your bedroom furniture designs to give it a touch of class.

Another option is to add a coat of paint to your frame to brighten up the black screen of your TV set when it is off. Another similar effect can do achieved by surrounding the TV with multiple framed artworks.

8. Shelving SurroundTv on self

Placing slim shelving around your TV is another great way of blending it with the wall and avoiding the conspicuous dull look. You can use the shelves to keep books, ornaments, art, and other valuables; this serves to distract the eyes around the TV area. You can also have it custom made to your specifications while adding color and personality to it.

9. TV On An Adjustable PoleBedroom Tv design

Instead of the usual wall mount TV set, you can opt for a smaller TV configured to mount on a portable TV pole and place it at the end of your bed. This design allows for independent adjustment to suit your desired position and can also act lowered when not in use.

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