Using The Right Candles In Your Bathroom

There are different types of scented candles, and they help create the right ambiance for your area. Fragrance also plays a pivotal role in positively turning your mood while at the same time making the place appear beautiful. Candles are ideal for decorating any home, and many people do not give much attention to their bathrooms. 

When you decorate your bathroom nicely, it can be a beautiful and relaxing place that soothes your mind. With the right atmosphere in the bathroom, you can enjoy a calming and stress-free environment. A scented candle can help you make your bathroom attractive and a nice place to spend your time while relaxing in the bathtub.

Before choosing the type of scented candle that you desire, there are certain things that you should know. These types of candles come in different forms, and they play various roles in decorating your home.     

The Role Of Scented Candles

Fragrance plays a pivotal role in remembrance of people, events and other things that matter most in our lives. Christmas is once again upon us, and most people use the opportunity to remember their loved ones while at the same time celebrating together.

Homemade scented candles represent things that are deeply personal, and fragrance usually plays a pivotal role in remembrance. Perfume can trigger powerful emotional connections with things that give you fond memories of specific occasions. All the scents that you breathe in are processed through the olfactory bulb which begins inside your nose.

The scent runs to the bottom of your mind, and it gets into contact with parts of the brain that process emotions and memory. Other senses of sight and touch do not usually go through this particular process to stimulate fond memories of something beautiful in your life.  For this reason, scents are lovely in helping you experience intense feelings and memories of something great in your life.

Women, in particular, create ‘signature scents’ through a favorite Lavender perfume brand. Many kids will grow up associating their mothers with this famous brand, and the same feeling can also apply to other occasions like Christmas. During this holiday, you can use your experience with a signature scent to remember past family gatherings. The smell of vanilla, spice, gingerbread, apple pie are scents that you can buy in candles.

No matter the person is still alive or gone, you can even use homemade candles for remembrance. Alternatively, you can buy someone a Christmas present that consists of scented candles to share the legacy of someone special in life. Many people can use a candle or two or more in their home and bathrooms.

Scented Candles Produce Beautiful Fragrance

Scented candles produce a beautiful and refreshing atmosphere that makes your bathroom attractive. A lovely scent in the bathroom is soothing, and it also helps evoke pleasant memories of certain things in your life. The quality scent in the bathroom also helps create the right mood that can keep you in high spirits.

The other reason for using a scented candle is that it helps neutralize the bad odors that usually characterize many bathrooms. However, it is essential to ensure that you do not use heavy scents in secure environments. You may end up failing to achieve the goal of creating a calming environment when the bathroom is full of heavy smell.

It is vital to ensure that you do not use more than two candles with different scents in a single bathroom. You need to take your time to decide if it is necessary to have one or more candles in your bathroom. When the toilet is large, then it can accommodate more candles, but you should make sure that you add them one by one. Too many candles can be overpowering or different scents conflict with each other.

When you enjoy the right scent in your bathroom, it can promote relaxation which is good to the mind. A relaxed mind is free from various mental conditions that can affect the welfare of people in different ways. A stress-free lifestyle is good for our well being in that it helps to prevent issues like depression and anxiety. These can cause undesirable effects on our health.

The other benefit of aromatherapy is that it encourages the body to calm down. The body can also relax after a long day of work due to the sweet scent that comes from the bathroom. The other aspect is that beautiful scents can enhance your bathing experience.

In most cases, people use the bathroom because they should do so at certain periods. However, when your bathroom has a beautiful scent, you can spend more time enjoying the bath. The experience helps you to relieve your mind from stressful situations, and you can also fully relax.

What You Should Consider When Buying Scented Candles

There are different things that you should consider if you want to buy the best-scented candles. It is essential to consider the percentage of scented oil found in the candle wax. Some candles that are of poor quality can smell beautiful, but the problem arises when you light them. 

Poor quality candles rarely produce any scent at all so you must watch out for such factors. The manufacture of a scented candle involves mixing wax and scented oils. A candle with a limited amount of oil of fewer than 1.5 ounces per pound of candle wax cannot produce any scent when you burn it.

Ironically, even poor quality candles can produce a beautiful scent before you burn them. If you want to buy a strong scented candle, you should look for a product with “triple scent.” You can also try to identify candles with more than 1.5 ounces of scented oil per every pound of wax. You will get the beautiful scent that you desire from such type of candles.

Traditionally, vanilla and lavender are favorite scents with different people particularly women. For ultimate relaxation in aromatherapy, these two scents are the best, and they create a refreshing atmosphere.

The other significant tip that you should take into account when you want to buy candles for your bathroom is to keep the scent light. When space is small, it is likely to be overwhelmed by scent hence the need to leave the room with an inviting feel.

If the scent is too heavy, you may need to neutralize it. Candles with light scents include rain smell and linen that do not affect anyone. Many people can cope with light scents while at the same time the bathroom is capable of producing a refreshing atmosphere.

In some instances, you can successfully use one or more candle scents in a single bathroom as long as it is big enough. However, it is imperative to make an informed decision if additional candles are essential in the same room otherwise it might be a waste of money.

If you want something that is a bit unusual, papaya can be a good choice. Alternatively, you can try candles that are scented with cider or cinnamon since these also produce a soothing and calming effect. What is important is to get a product that gives you a calming effect such that you can enjoy the bath for an extended period.

Candle Light Is Symbolic

It is undoubtedly true that apart from their fragrance, light from the candles is another beautiful element that makes them excellent for remembrance. The view of a burning candle is silent, slow and it is lovely to look at. A candle produces a soft light that encourages a respectful and solemn atmosphere.

According to various religious perspectives, candlelight symbolizes the eternal spirit. In the same vein, Christmas has its strong background in Christianity, and many people use the occasion to remember Christ. Even to some people who are not Christians, they view Christmas as a great day to remember.

The practice of lighting a candle during this particular period brings light into darkness. Lighting a candle at home makes many people feel a lot safer, and it gives them to take the time they need to remember their loved ones without disturbances.

Candles Produce Ambient Light

Many bathrooms have lighting that is bright and a bit harsh. The incandescent or LED lighting is essential for bathrooms to help you shave as well as apply your makeup. If you want a calming atmosphere, you can substitute the bright light with candles.

If you want to create a calm atmosphere, you can consider scented candles since they are perfect for producing a soft and warm glow. The light is just enough to enable you to see through the bathroom, but it is not active or harsh. You can also surround the tub with candles to produce a beautiful glow at night.

Light plays a pivotal role in the relaxation part of the human body and mind. If you want to relax before sleeping, a bath in a candlelit room is the ideal atmosphere that you need. Bright light is not good especially if you take a shower at night since it affects the internal clock of the body. 

The other issue is that our bodies are designed to produce more energy in bright light. Therefore, dim light from a candle is useful in creating an atmosphere that is conducive for relaxation. A dim light in the bathroom before going to bed prepares the body for sound rest when it is relaxed.

Candles Are Essential Accessories In The Bathroom

Candles can play a pivotal role in improving the elegance and style of the room. When you choose the right candles, you may not need to cramp the bathroom with other decorative accessories. Such a scenario will help you maintain a cleaner bathroom while at the same time giving it a spacious feel.

A bathroom is different from other rooms that are frequented by visitors hence a decent outlook is ideal. The additional advantage of decorating your bathroom with candles is that these commodities are the cheapest improvements that can make your bathroom elegant.

When you have a bathroom with a theme, it is imperative that you choose sculpted candles to match your taste. There are different types of carved candles which include shells, fruit as well as classical figurines. Shiny black or colorful cups can also help to improve the final finishing on your bathroom.

Candles with vivid colors can help improve your bathroom if it does not have a specific theme. You also need to be artistic in arranging your candles in the bathroom so that they can add the elegance you desire. You can also stack candles with unique shapes in strategic positions so that they can improve the appearance of the room.

Candle Safety Tips

Candles in bathrooms help create ambiance, and they also contribute toward the creation of a soothing and calming atmosphere. However, wherever there is a lit candle, it is critical to be cautious. There are various measures that you can take to ensure that you maintain a high degree of safety.

It is important to avoid placing burning candles near curtains. After enjoying the lulling effect of dim light from a candle, there are high chances that you can forget to blow it out. Such a scenario can cause undesirable results when the whole house catches fire. You should also try to avoid placing a burning candle near flammable items. 

A faux candle is the best solution if children frequent your bathroom. This type of candle is flameless, smokeless and dripless and it is ideal for any place in the house since it guarantees safety. The type of candle uses batteries, and you can remotely control it.  The option is kid-friendly, and it also gives you peace of mind since you can also control it remotely.

Over and above, handmade candles give people everything they need, like remember their loved ones in style, add color to the decor, add a wonderful scent to the air. A scented candle is not the only way to recognize your loved ones and to celebrate Christmas. The candle can provide nice ambiance, a relaxing atmosphere, aromatherapy, and fragrance to replace unwanted smells, It is a perfect gift at Christmas time. Enjoy your holidays!


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