Interesting Fireplace Designs For Master Bedroom

Fireplace Designs

While the most inspiration of fireplace designs comes from the living room, modern bedrooms have also followed suit. A beautifully designed fireplace in your bedroom can undoubtedly make it look cozy, charming and of course, bring warmth.

Burning embers from the bathroom fireplace evoke a romantic atmosphere and in effect creates a more tranquil focal point. Combine these with a cold weather and you have yourself a haven to escape to after a long day’s activity.

Until recently, the fireplace has only been a reserve of the living room and a traditional kitchen. Different fireplace designs have emerged that are considered fashionable and tasteful.

Rustic Mantel

Rustic Mantel Fireplace DesignThe rustic fireplace design utilizes natural materials to enhance its naturally rich look and feel. A choice of solid stone to surround the fireplace gives it a touch of an urban vibe. Most popular stones include granite, limestone or slate marble.

Decorative And Grand

Decorative Fireplace Design IdeasThe main focal point in this fireplace design is the mantel. Beautiful and creative ornate details have been carved into the wood creating it.Above the mantel, you can introduce a decoration or a portrait to bridge the bare space above while ensuring it matches your bedroom décor.

Subtle And Chic

Fireplace Design Ideas for Subtle And ChicThis is a simple white fireplace that is minimal in size. It can be delicately placed below a television set that matches its dimension and a rustic mantel made of wood put on it.This minimal fireplace adds a cozy touch to the serenity of your bedroom. If you need it to stand out, the slightly protruding bump around the firebox can be painted or tiled.

Center Stage

center stage fireplaceThis type of fireplace is the main focal point of your room as everything is centered on it. It has paneled walls that come with matching door as well as window casings. When you have high ceilings, it is advisable to opt for more top firebox opening.

Built-In Cabinetry

Built Into Cabinetary DesignBuilt in cabinetry fireplace does not necessarily need a mantel and hence saving much space over the fireplace.It should also be noted that built-in fireplace provides a void around it which can be used for built-in cabinets for displaying your favorite decorative items. One great thing about this fireplace design is that valuable space provides a storage solution.

Faux Fireplace

Faux Fireplace Design IdeasSince the cost of installing a fireplace may be prohibitive to some people, the faux fireplace is the cheapest way to go. It is also suitable for those who live in the tropics and do not need a fire but would still love the look it gives to a room. A fireplace provides a focal point in any space and a faux fireplace in not an exception. It can be decorated with any color of your choice, and it will still bring out the much-needed appeal of your bedroom.

Double Sided Fireplace

double sided

A double sided fireplace offers a dual functionality of a regular fireplace. This is because it provides two focal walls as well as heat on both parties, therefore, making it possible to provide heat to two entirely separate rooms. It is very light in design and does not take much room while being easy on the budget. Double sided fireplace can also be customized to a floor-to-ceiling design making it look sleek and modern.


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