The Historical Women’s Boudoir Is The New “She-Shed”

Boudoir Defined

A boudoir is a woman’s special sitting room or salon in furnished accommodation, typically between the dining area and the bedroom, but could also refer to a lady’s private bedroom. The boudoir formed a part of the personal suite of chambers of a “woman” or upper-class lady, for dressing and bathing, adjoining to her bedchamber, being the female equivalent of the male cupboard.

In later periods, the boudoir was utilized as a personal drawing-room and was used for different tasks, such as embroidery or spending romantic time with spouse. English-language usage diversifies between countries and is now mostly historical.

In the UK, during the period when the term was most often used (Victorian era and early 20th century), a boudoir was a woman’s evening sitting room and was isolated from her dressing room, and her morning room.

As this multiplicity of rooms with overlapping functions indicates, boudoirs were generally found only in grand homes. In America, in the same era, the boudoir was an alternate term for the dressing room, preferred by those who believed that French terms presented more influence.

In Caribbean English, a boudoir is your living room of the home where women entertain family and friends.

The New Trend Is The Women’s “She-Shack” or “She-Shed”

When we think of man caves, we likely picture Sunday night football and stock fridges- a space a man can claim, with all the trappings of the male aesthetic. Women have answered these men’s -only retreat concept with their version – the she-shack!

More diverse in purpose and design than the conventional man cave, the she-shed is a bespoke woman-centric space produced as the perfect women’ getaway. Want to find out more about this hot trend?

It is official: the she-shed trend is here to remain. Giving man caves everywhere a run for their money, these garden hideaways are a cozy little place for women to call their own, whether it be for gardening or simply somewhere to curl up with a great book.

So, how does one go about staking a claim for her own she-shed, you may ask?

Whether you’ve got a neglected potting shed in your garden or wish to build your own from scratch (more power to ya), we have rounded up all of the DIY decorating inspiration and suggestions you want to bring your outdoor oasis to life. Here’s the way to make the perfect garden gateway.

From Simple Shed To Custom Oasis

What started as a way to carve out some personal space for female energy has become a DIY design phenomenon.

The she-shack concept had its modest beginnings on Pinterest. A few creative minds realized that they could recondition their underused garden potting sheds into something more valuable. On a quest to locate a female hideaway, this ladies-only clubhouse concept was originated.

Now, custom shacks are a growing market of modern whimsy. But why is their popularity soaring?

The Demand For “Me Time”

With workplace stress rising, women are looking for a sanctuary to unwind and escape to. Enter the she-shack – a tiny space big on creativity and appropriate for the personal needs of every woman who owns one.

Ladies are singing the praises of personal spaces. One woman told us her small she-shed improved her marriage.

A space free from distractions, responsibilities, and the burden of the workday, these oases provide a respite from the pressures of the everyday. With less vacation time, less paid leave and less chance for comfort becoming the norm – who could not benefit from a space designed just for them?

The Endless Possibilities Of The She Shack

The flourishing tiny house market signifies resources and ideas for small spaces are on the upswing. They do not significantly skimp on the luxury- less square footage indicates more fabulous quality finishes cost much less to implement.

Some ladies may be interested in using existing sheds, but the trend also has prefab and newly-designed arrangements with a plan in mind. Even home improvement retailers such as Lowes are offering build ideas to prospective customers.

Shed-enthusiasts may choose to go with a custom design filled with windows for an art studio. Others might build a mini library for a quiet night with a book and glass of wine. Some women have even designed their spaces for entertaining a few friends during ladies’ night.

Imagine a craft room filled with storage for uninterrupted projects or a sunny escape for meditation or yoga. The concept of niche comfort has lots of opportunity for creative design and structure.

Many personalized touches include rehabbed furniture pieces, artistic landscaping, general lighting, and even custom storage.

A Space She Deserves

Decorated inside and outside, and filled with antique features, she shacks can be whatever distance a woman needs. No two are alike, that’s the charming attraction of those female retreats. The trend seems like it is here to stay.

How To Make Your Own Space

Clean Out Your Old Bathtub Shed–

Or Use A Kit To Construct A New One.

Are you conveniently “forgetting” to clear that cluttered shed? Making a she-shack is the absolute motivation for ultimately getting it done. Have a look at all the old garden tools and boxes, then donate what you do not need anymore and arrange the rest for storage.

1. Define The Purpose Of Your Shed

The purpose of a she-shed would be to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that is important to you. Take benefit from your backyard space by using it as a potting shed, where you might spend time gardening or a different hobby. If you are not an enthusiastic gardener or crafter, your she shack can just be utilized as a charming place to hang out.

2. Create An Inviting Entryway

She sheds should have an inviting appearance if you’re hoping to amuse friends there. You can make an arbor, using storm doors. You may also decorate the outside with intimate outdoor drapes, hanging DIY lanterns or white string lights.

3. Give Your Shed A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Taking your she-shack from traditional to oh-so-cute starts with the exterior. Paint it a peaceful color such as light blue, or a female shade of purple or pale yellowish will immediately give it new life. The lovely shade of green with pink theme, this “shed” is now maintain for the woman of the home.

4. Look For Antique Stores And Flea Markets For Unique Finds

Decorating a she-shed is not about spending lots of money–it is about creating a space that feels relaxed and comfy. So look to flea markets and antique stores for unexpected finds.

5. Equip The Area For Entertaining

What better place for girls’ night than a she shed? To make sure whatever you need for an enjoyable night is handy, consider including a mini-refrigerator and stocking the shed with party essentials. You could even bring the celebration outside if you have set up an outdoor patio or fire pit.

6. Surround Yourself With Nature

It is all about the environment! Setting your shed in an isolated place, covered with green plants, and window crate full of flowers help make a peaceful vibe, all the better for creating a serene place to get some good feeling. Bring the garden indoors too, by decorating with freshly picked flower arrangements, plants, and plush pillows featuring delicate floral designs. Climbing vines help supplement to the “secret” hideaway vibe.

Make Sure Your Shed Reflects You . . . And Your Loved Ones

As your hobbies and philosophy change, update your shed reflects them–after all, it is your space! It should transform with you.

You can design the place with your children in mind, too. After all, you should not be the only lady of the household who gets to escape. Involve your children with the initial design process, and then let them have their fun at a new playtime hangout. Because the best she sheds are those that receive the most love from the entire family.


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