How To Give Your Bedroom That French Boudoir Look

Boudoir Furniture

A Boudoir is a French term that traditionally refers to a woman’s private bedroom or sitting room that is characterized by ornate furniture furnishing that is both romantic and sensual in style. The bedroom is usually considered one of the most unusual places in our homes.

It is in the room that we escape the daily pressure of life and take our time to unwind and relax. Therefore, it is important to create an ambient environment that can provide you with a glamorous feel within your bedroom and this can be achieved by use of boudoir furniture.

The look and feel of a boudoir bedroom depend on the type of furniture used; they should add striking elegance and glamor. Gorgeous fabrics and colors can also be used to create a boudoir look while keeping away computers and televisions. Some of the boudoir furniture pieces that can be used to create a boudoir bedroom are as follows:

Boudoir Beds

boudir bedsOne of the leading furniture in your bedroom that can be furnished to give a boudoir look is the bed. This is often considered your place of tranquility and harmony, ensuring that you wake up each day with freshness and end the day in a luxurious comfort.

There is a range of French luxury beds available that can be used to create the perfect boudoir look in your bedroom. Choose the best bed that suits your taste and make you feel like royalty.


Wooden_headboardFrench style upholstered headboards can be a perfect way to give your bed base a fantastic boudoir look. One such headboard is the traditional, shabby chic headboard that has been made from a curved mahogany with a beautiful hand-finishing process.

This will transform your bedroom into a fancy luxurious space with an instance. If you prefer wooden headboard and like reading on your bed, you can equip yourself with large square cushions to provide you with comfort.

Dressing Tables

dressing tabelsA dressing table is one of the essential assets for any lady who values class and elegance. It is a haven for any woman to compose herself, enhance her looks before heading off to face a new day. It can also be used to display all your jewelry as well as your body creams and perfumes.

Equipping your bedroom with a boudoir dressing table exudes both glamor and style, creating a fantastic look for your bedroom. There are a wide variety of boudoir dressing tables to choose from depending on your needs and availability of space. You can also enhance a more elegant look by hanging a French chandelier right above your boudoir table.

Bedroom Benches

boudoirbench1aLuxury is key to a well-furnished boudoir bedroom and therefore the  boudoir bedroom chair is yet another piece of furniture that will enhance an ultimate elegance to your boudoir bedroom. You can opt for a bed end bench, a large stool for your perfect window seat or French blanket box for storage purposes.

Some of these benches are upholstered to provide your bedroom with a beautiful effect as well as the much needed luxurious feel. They do not only provide a convenient place to lounge but also help in giving your room a good looking boudoir finish.

Chest Of Drawers

028-cab05615_eichholtz_boudoir_chest_of_drawers-1200x1200You can create storage space while still maintaining the boudoir look and feel by equipping your bedroom with a French style chest of drawers next to your bed. This can also double up as a bedside table or be used as a baby-changing table.

To enhance a great boudoir look, opt for ornately curved chest of drawers for a classic look while for a more modern scheme, you may choose a colorful or a metallic finish for your boudoir chest of drawers.

The style doesn’t have to be specific as boudoir is more about feel and luxury, a place of pleasure without having to be necessarily practical. That’s why it can be modernized while still maintaining the traditional boudoir bedroom look.

Original Boudoir Pieces

Going for the original boudoir pieces for your bedroom can give it a good finishing touch. You could opt for a fascinating portrait or a lampshade, mirrors, chandeliers or anything that is unique. Based on your choice of boudoir pieces, you can always find something that you are attracted to and use them to enhance a good finish to your boudoir bedroom.



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