Get Ready For Company By Updating Your Bathroom Design

Maintaining your bathroom design stylish and modern is no easy task. Fortunately, whether you have a small or large bathroom, here are the new bathroom trends that will help bring your bathroom up to date style-wise for the next several years.

Top 20 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Freestanding Sinks And Bathtubs

A bathroom bathtub or sink generally does not go out of style, and it’s very easy to recognize why they are timeless. The finish or color tends to be neutral so they fit any bathroom decor with comfort, whether you need a more modern appearance of stone resin or something more timeless like clawfoot or copper. Even though they may appear pricey, both freestanding baths and sinks will increase the value of your house and retain their worth through the test of time.


2. His and Her Private Vanity Mirrors

A practical and very modern decor option in most bathrooms as two sinks are always better than one. With a dual vanity installation, two people can quickly prep and use the same bathroom without any problem as there is enough space for both them and their things.

The mirror being the essential centerpiece, your focus should be on that first-make it as luxurious and stylish as you want, and your vanities will only help to accentuate that feeling. This is popular as it makes your vanity the main focus of your bathroom, providing you some flexibility in how the base of your items are put as everything else is more of a significance to your mirror and double sinks.

3. Bathroom Accent Walls

An accent wall gives a central location for your bathroom, a center point for your bathtub or vanity, whichever you wish to feature. As the name indicates, it is a wall in your bathroom that’s produced from different colors or materials to contrast against the rest of your bathroom.

Popular options are brick, marble, natural stone, mosaic tile, and even wood in many cases. However, the choice is up to you as plastic and wallpaper are still quite commonly used. You may paint your wall black, and it will function the same or maybe even a wall mural. And for the more contemporary bathroom design look, you can even use mirrors as your accent wall-the choice is really up to you.

4. Bold Colors

Adding a striking look or vibrancy does not necessarily require including a new sink or cupboards, sometimes it’s as simple as just repainting your modern bathroom. Another popular trend is substituting your old drab colors for something more attractive and remarkable.

Lime green is a common option, giving your home a summer feel. At the same time, matte has become very popular, giving a strong accent for your toiletries and accessories. Blue matches fine with more saturated spaces, orange provides more depth and warmth, the list goes on, so experiment and see what attracts you.

5. Heated Bathroom Floors

Image source: Pinterest

With going to the toilet at night, a prevalent problem is stepping on frigid floors. Though heated floor technology has been here since the starting of Rome, this trend is now becoming more popular due to advances in electrical heating technology.

Heated flooring comes in two variants, hydronic-a more updated version of roman technology that requires installing the whole house together with the floor heating system that’s comprised of rubber tubes that circulate heat from the water heater and electric-a lean panel the size of an electric blanket is installed under the floor and is managed by your thermostat and timer and should only cost approximately 600-700 bucks.

6. Contemporary Light Fixtures

Image source: Gloria Bull

Not often, though, but an easy and affordable way to upgrade your bathroom or any space is the inclusion of light fixtures. Even installing a small sconce close to your mirror can greatly alter the mood and lighting in your space.

More popular, however, are hanging bulbs or small chandeliers that can greatly amp up the mood if desired, though because lots of these fixtures run about 300-400 dollars, you can experiment with what you consider best suits your own style. Or, if you prefer, you may create your own fittings, incorporating vibrancy to your area and giving you much more style.

7. Open-Concept Bathrooms

Days are gone where you stand behind a wall or door when you are getting ready for a party, or for work in the morning. Privacy glass can be utilized as a barrier, though getting ready in the wide-open will provide you a free and independent feeling. This is a hot trend all throughout the interior design world.

8. Small Spaces Can Make A Big Impact

Powder rooms are a perfect area for a blank canvas to make a bold statement. Be bold with high-contrast, go with exciting wallpaper to enlarge that small space, and inject it with artistic persuasion.

9. Windows & Vanities

We see many vanities set in front of a window with a wonderful view. It’s a fabulous way to begin your day to have a beautiful view as you stand bin in front of the sink first thing every morning. Hanging a mirror from the ceiling or placing a mirror on the sidewall of the sink will complete the design with full function. Another advantage is terrific lighting.

10. Marble Slabs With Hidden Drains

Grouted tile is great for shower floors and visible drains! Decorative plumbing fixtures add the finishing touches, but the visible drain is now invisible: walk-in-showers feature luxurious floors with a large marble slab that hides the linear drainage pipes below. Slabs are sandblasted to build a safe non-slip surface; the marble floor is a tailored detail that feels so luxurious beneath your feet.

11. Black Is Back In Style

A bathroom with a spa-inspired feel is again in trend. It is all about being sultry, bold, and dark, a bathroom design that promotes experience and a feeling of high-end indulgence. For additional light because of the dark color, black floor lamps occupy a small space tucked in the corners. They may add a trendsetting attribute to this layout.

12. Pewter & Gunmetal Hardware

Pewter & gunmetal is a trend we absolutely love. It provides an excellent textured feel and looks to space. It provides fixtures with nice depth & texture and is not quite as harsh or specific as brass or gold.

13. Spa-Like Designs

Homeowners no longer see the bathroom design as a utilitarian space but more as a retreat or relaxing experience area of the home. They’re considering a more spa-like feeling as more of a kind of theatrical beauty in what was a very private space.

14. Building A Statement Wall For Powder Room

Traditionally powder rooms are that one place you can include over-the-top high drama in such a small space, but lately, large floral prints and patterns are right at the moment, essentially the more bold, brighter shades. Gold mirrors, including the gold pipe sink legs, add a rich, bold flavor to the 2020 bathroom design.

15. Grey And White Marble

White marble and grey are still popular well into 2021 for kitchens and bathrooms. They are classic and timeless and can easily go from modern to traditional design schemes. Quartz and porcelain are durable workhorses are still the most popular choices.

16. Make A Bold Statement With Wall Art

Creating an artistic statement is exactly what 2019 was all about and more so as we enter 2021. And your bathroom is no exception. Wall art will add elegance to your bathroom design as a pretty focal point. Consider adding a large floor mirror that will add nicely to this layout.

17. Art Deco Provides Design Influences

Art Deco influences are showing up as impressive bathtub designs where you can enjoy your daily routine and have something special to look forward to at the end of a long day with these beautiful and inventive bathroom designs.

18. Matte Fixtures

A more widespread trend, matte black, is a strong and dominant color, easily noticeable and visibly striking. The requirement for matte finished sinks, taps, cabinets, bathtub ceilings are on the increase, and it doesn’t appear to be fading anytime soon.

With matte finishes, dust and dirt aren’t visible, and the material isn’t easily permeable. So think about matte black if you want to provide your bathroom a contemporary look that won’t easily be forgotten.

19. Including Plants Into Bathroom

For many individuals, the bathroom is a suffocating location. Full of tile, stone, and steel, it can be drab occasionally. Luckily, you can easily throw in a touch of green to make things much more appealing. Even a small plant on the countertop can make the area more alive and vibrant.

Also, in addition to improving your mental view of your bathroom design, several plants really grow better in low light, higher humidity, and general warmth that a bathroom generally has. So experiment, throw in two or an orchid, throw in an orchid or two, or maybe some pothos to add some air-purifying vitality to your bathroom, or even something as simple as a basil plant can do miracles for your space.

20. Sound System-Music

Music is always a pleasant addition, but for some of us, it is often a necessity for de-stress and comfort. Adding just a few small speakers in surrounded areas around your bathroom design can create a soothing and comfortable environment for a relaxing, long bath or even make your showers more invigorating.

There are several waterproof speakers on the market for very low prices, so in the event that you feel your showers are missing something, maybe try adding amazing music into the mix.


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