Create Your Perfect Boudoir With These Design Tips

What’s A Boudoir?

A boudoir is a woman’s private bedroom, sitting area, or dressing area. The term boudoir originates from the French verb “bouder,” which means “to sulk” or “to pout.” Thus, a lady who had been feeling indisposed or sulky could lie to her boudoir or “sulking room” till she felt in a better mood. A boudoir was a woman’s private space that others could only enter by invitation.

A Bit Of Background

If you envision living in a French castle, the boudoir was a part of a woman’s private rooms. Rather than a bedroom that was used for sleeping, a boudoir was used for dressing and bathing. It was sometimes used for other activities like studying, embroidering, or a private drawing-room to entertain and receive intimate acquaintances.

A boudoir was a woman’s confidential space that others could only enter by invitation.

The Modern Boudoir

Unfortunately for many women today, most modern homes don’t have the room to make a boudoir or a personal space for them. A boudoir can be of exceptional value for a lady.

Having a boudoir adds glamour as you’ve got your personal space to perform all those embarrassing things you rather keep secret. After all, who wants to see his girl have a full wax treatment contorting to reach the unreachable bikini locations? Who wants to wake up next to some woman with a face mask? Not the best thing to understand your woman is dying her hair or performing her toenails!

Another advantage of owning a boudoir is that you can make the ideal romantic evening when you need to add some variation to your sexual life. Sometimes it isn’t easy for couples to go out for a weekend or even with a night off at a hotel away from domestic responsibilities. However, you could always create a unique evening inviting your other half to your boudoir.

How To Produce A Modern Boudoir

It is simple to make the ultimate girly charming boudoir in an empty white space using some accessories.

How to Make a Boudoir Step-by-Step:

  1. As soon as you have been able to create an area in the home for your boudoir, all you need to do is produce the mood to ease and wake your sensuality.
  2. Place a lock on the door. The last thing you need is your kids bursting in when you’re having a bubble bath in a candlelit room with your favorite rubber ducky!
  3. This should be an area where you can relax. Clutter isn’t allowed. Keep in mind this will be your personal room, where other family members will only be allowed by invitation. This is going to be your fantasy room. It’s not the place to bring your loved ones or work responsibilities. It’s the area to get in touch with your feminine side.
  4. Don’t clutter your boudoir. Think of what you need; maybe a large sofa or a bed, a makeup table, and an armchair where you can sit to enjoy a cup of tea and read a book. Everything else is clutter! Avoid adding to sets, video, or cd players that only add to increase electro-stress. This area is in contact with your inner self, not a place to watch movies or play computer games.
  5. Remember to bring a full-length mirror.
  6. Accessorize your area with soft cushions; beautiful vases adorned with flowers and objects that please you.

Awaken Your Senses: Use Touch, Smell, Sound, and Sight

Too often overlooked, touch is as vital as the other senses, and it’s connected to our desire to be in touch with a person. The skin on skin is the most basic yet the very magical feeling there is. Tactile sensations influence our feelings of relaxation and security. The materials we use to make a significant effect on us. Use fabrics that feel soft and luxurious, a bed with silk sheets, velvet throw, comfy cushions, or a long-haired rug are inviting to the touch and have a calming effect.

Awaken Your Senses

The sense of smell:┬áRemember, the sense of smell is quite powerful. Once walking across the road, I smelled the odor of”Diesel,” a cologne among my lovers used to wear; it was amazing how just smelling that odor on the road immediately brought back my memories of our torrid encounters. That is why I recommend that you locate those scents that please you, relax you, or even arouse you.

Scented candles, incense, and natural flowers add a subtle scent, and why not rediscover the health benefits of aromatic oils.

Sound and Sight

Audio: Pleasant sounds may be refreshing and soothing. The noise of bubbling water can be very relaxing, and you will find a lot of indoor water features for very low prices.

Sight: Add color to your boudoir. Color is vibration, and we all respond to it on several levels, consciously or unconsciously. The color you choose will affect your mood. You can use color to add depth to your room, including motion, or create illusions. Select a theme color. Whatever color you choose, make sure it’s a color that suits you. Better still, keep a white space where you can add accent colors according to the way you feel.

Lighting can create a mood. Think about investing in a dimmer switch so you can change the room’s mood from glowing excitement to smooth and hot once you feel like inviting your other half to your boudoir.

Remember, a boudoir isn’t just the look. It’s the feel. It’s a place to make you feel relaxed and sensual. Your boudoir should be an extension of you: Who you are and what you’re.


Furnish your boudoir with classic French period or Victorian-style furniture. Ornate Baroque seats, a highboy dresser, and vanity make ideal companions for a classic, Queen Anne-style chaise couch or tasteful Victorian settee with a tufted back. Introduce highly lacquered finishes in mahogany or ebony with lush upholstery in velvet, suede, or leather cloth. Nail-head trim, spoon backs, and fringe help give a feeling of vintage luxury.


Cover the windows on your boudoir-themed room with luxurious fabrics like lace, silk, or cashmere. Formal treatments have a look of elegance, with many different decorative valance toppers: balloon colors with bottom bullion fringe, pelmets, elegant cascades, jabots, or swags. Drapery panels should hang from ceiling to floor, whatever the window size. You may use tiebacks with tassels and fringe to pull back panels during the day, allowing natural light to enter the room. Fabric colors or sheer or lace inner panels will help gently diffuse the lighting for a more romantic, intimate setting.


To add texture and rich color to your boudoir walls, introduce textured damask wallpaper. Deep reds, purple, black, burgundy, and fuchsia include a sensual texture. A fabric-covered accent wall behind the bed gives a luxurious setting. A faux texture paint finish like a color splash will add dimension, with layers of color in a marbled effect. Or, opt for striped background in dark, tone-on-tone colors or shiny metallic colors.


Embellished accessories are vital to boudoir decor. Sliding frames on mirrors, candelabra-style candle stands, and classic black crystal chandeliers create a chic setting. Cabaret-style table lamps with shiny fabric shades, tufted headboards, and lavishly styled bedding add a touch of Old World romance. Give a hint of exotic sex appeal in leopard-print or accent pillows, zebra rugs, or a faux fur throw.

Vintage telephones, perfume bottles, and wall art organize with contemporary decor for a somewhat eclectic feel. A French Rococo-style chair upholstered with contemporary, Marilyn Monroe-themed cloth makes a lovely accent piece. Jewelry on screen adds a decorative element, as does a vase full of decorative peacock or ostrich feathers.

Creating a boudoir look can be as simple as adding the ideal accessories. Insert a shelving unit with accessories that produce a bedroom pop with boudoir style. The bright red handbag gives off an extremely boudoir vibe, and the black beads draped over it make it even more stylish. There’s a fascination on the shelf above, decorated with black feathers and a black veil, which give off a classic look.

A little jewelry chest sits alongside it, with golden trimming. Jewels spill out from it, adding to the rich appearance. There is an assortment of items such as perfumes, more purses, and jewelry on the top shelf on the top shelf. Altogether, this wall of accessories produces a great boudoir bedroom design.

All The Lights

Lighting can make or break a space, and it indeed has transformed this room into a stunning space. The chandelier here is an important wow element. It’s the attention-grabbing, the focal point of this room, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s additional large and created with what looks like hundreds of little lights. What makes this seem even better is that the wall of mirrors behind the bed.

The mirrors are many parts of the rectangle and square cutouts. The chandelier’s light reflects off this wall of mirrors to make more light and a grander look. Finally, the extra-large bed and the furry rug increase the boudoir look of the room.

Intricate Bed

Produce a boudoir bedroom appearance with a distinctive, intricate bed. This bed does the trick. It’s nothing short of amazing, with tons of wow factor. The headboard has a very unique shape that certainly makes a rich look. The bed then is tufted, which always is an elegant appearance. It doesn’t end there. The headboard is then trimmed with an elegant gold design.

It’s expansive and full of life, including much boudoir style. This bed is the focus of this room and further enriches the patterned wallpaper and classic furnishings, which all come together to make an easy look.

Gold Trim

What’s more elegant, more expansive, more boudoir than the color gold? Not much. This bedroom is trimmed in gold, and it produces a stunning boudoir look. To start, the crown molding is a golden pattern. It’s eye-catching and is the best framework for this bedroom.

The gold trim is then picked up in the gorgeous armoire. The piece is a solid black that’s trimmed with gold. It’s fancy gold toes and gold handles. This special piece is full of personality. Finally, the designer included a luxurious bed. The bed is tufted and trimmed with gold, picking up the gold in the rest of the room and overall coming together to make a chic boudoir bedroom.

Chairs are essential accessories as they are both practical and can be packaged with design. These chairs are an ideal addition to a boudoir-made room. Both matching chairs are comfortable, with leather trim. Opposite these seats is a smaller, vintage-style seat that has an exceptional backing design. These three seats add much character and are the perfect additions for a boudoir bedroom.

Unique Bedding

A mattress is often the focal point of a room. It can create a room’s design direction, so it’s necessary to pay particular attention to this super important piece. This bed produces a boudoir look in lots of ways. The bed itself is an excellent piece of artwork. It is a tufted headboard, and obscure, carved legs create an opulent look. The bedding afterward finishes off the design. With patterned throw pillows and clean white sheets, the appearance feels clean and updated. The furry chocolate cover adds style and texture, picking up chocolate colors from different space points. This appropriate bedding is a triumph for a boudoir bedroom.

In The Details

Sometimes it is all in the details. The smallest touches can completely transform a look. For a boudoir bedroom, the ideal drapery can literally take a look from ordinary to extraordinary. These drapes are made from a rich, heavy cloth. The heavy fabric is a fantastic look in regards to boudoir style since it’s super dramatic. The shade is a soft steel color with a sheen, which makes it seem more luxurious.

There’s a pretty floral pattern on the cloth, which adds texture and design. Ultimately the tie used to maintain the drape is quite rich and refined, beautiful rope cloth with the smallest feel that finishes off with a tassel.

Full of Feel

Playing with texture is a superb way to create a boudoir look for a room. Let the bedroom use textured wallpaper to create a nice ambiance. For example, using wallpaper in light lilac color, with a sheen that makes it stand out. There’s a floral pattern on the wallpaper, which gives it a very expansive and luxurious appearance. This color is picked up on the curtains, a heavy cloth, and a large floral print.

The white-bordered classic mirror adds more feel, as does the bedding formed of different colors that flow nicely with the lilac wall. The texture is a triumph for this boudoir bedroom.

Designer Wall

Crown molding indeed makes a room feel elegant and rich. Adding more details further enriches this appearance and, if desired, can create a boudoir design. The details on this wall are fantastic for incorporating into a boudoir bedroom.

The white crown molding produces a standard, elegant design. Under that, though, is a lovely, beautiful design that resembles small ribbons looped with every set. It’s a complete blueprint that stands out from the wall’s light blue color and adds exceptional boudoir design. This would undoubtedly pick up on grand curtains as the pattern looks somewhat like curtains itself.

Finally, the texture of the wall remains, with more molding that’s continued throughout the wall. This wall is anything but standard and would add excellent style to a boudoir bedroom.


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