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October 16, 2020 / / All-Natural Candles

Are you craving more stability and balance in your life? What better way than to reap the benefits of aromatherapy candles. Just about everyone can agree that coming home to a pleasant smelling environment is vital. Scented aromatherapy candles can cover a multitude of problems by releasing a pleasant aroma.

Some individuals simply include them in their home as a kind of decoration for their coffee table, set them on … Read More

June 7, 2020 / / All-Natural Candles

Candle making is one of the hobbies which could help you feel relaxed after a long day. With time, candle making has become an art form. Individuals have their designs and ideas for candles. In this situation, no matter what design is made, it becomes a work of art, at least to the creator. Candle making isn’t a difficult task. The great thing about this hobby is that if … Read More

April 24, 2019 / / All-Natural Candles

When preparing to create natural candles, the thing you will want to select initially is the kind of wax you would like to use? Nowadays, there are more options than ever before!

Each type of wax has its benefits along with some drawbacks that you should consider.

Natural Candle Waxes

Soy Wax

This is the sort of natural candle wax. Since soy is homely produced by U.S. farmers, soy wax … Read More

August 10, 2018 / / All-Natural Candles

Summertime conjures up images of fresh air, cut grass, and beautiful floral scents. We open our windows up to let in the breeze and freshness but don’t always manage to recapture that sense of the great outdoors. There are a couple of reasons why we struggle to create that pure, fresh atmosphere in the home.

The first problem, especially for urban residents, is the number of pollutants in that “fresh” … Read More

October 23, 2017 / / All-Natural Candles

Candles are a much-loved part of home décor in many households. They provide so much joy and comfort because they can evoke the senses so well. A flickering flame brings warmth and light on darker nights. Their colors look beautiful in the right setting, especially with other decorations or lanterns.

Many also smell great, thanks to the efforts of innovative designers of scented candles.  Homeowners can find a candle in … Read More

July 6, 2016 / / All-Natural Candles

Candles As Part Of  Interior Decor

Candles are considered a part of our interior design accessories and have been used to give a final touch to any space. Choosing the right candle can transform your space. The fragrance of the candle can enhance the mood or ambiance, and the candle can be a “pop” of accent color.

However, not every candle you buy is safe for your use. The problem … Read More