Bathroom Design Ideas You Will Definitely Like

Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is one of those rooms we often start our morning, relax and freshen up every evening before going to bed every night. For it to meet our overall comfort requirement, functionality as well as aesthetics, a proper design must be put into consideration.

Fashion affects almost every aspect of our lives and improvement of utility spaces in our houses. There is no exception; new bathroom design ideas have emerged to keep up with latest design trends.

Most homeowners prefer customized look and feel for their bathrooms; they do not only want it to be comfortable and practical but also fashionable. The following are some of the bathroom design ideas worth considering.

Color Scheme

color scheme1

Choosing the right color scheme for your bathroom can make a whole difference in how much you love your space. Most homeowners opt to choose bathroom design ideas according to their taste and preference.

There are a lot of color combinations to choose from that can suit any size, shape and style of your bathroom. Fresh and calm colors that create a tranquil environment are the best to use as this gives your bathroom a modern look.

Most bathroom spaces have been using white color designs, and this has never gone out of fashion. Use of white colors presents a clean, bright and at times a sterile image which every home owner dream of. However, designers may opt to use different combinations that can inspire you.

Wall Tile Patterns

bathroom tiless

Since the bathroom is a high water and humidity area, the choice of tiles to be used should me made while considering these conditions. Bathroom tile pattern designs can enhance the general look, feel, and atmosphere of this essential utility but only if used correctly.

One of the most straightforward and appealing tile designs is the straight lay pattern; it is usually the basic and easy to install design. Due to its simplicity, it can work well with any décor you use to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Mixing tile patterns in the most unexpected ways gives it a more custom appeal while letting you express your imagination and creativity. Before buying any tile for your bathroom, make sure you that you have made a choice that does not only look great but makes your bathroom stand out.



The floor design is one major factor to consider when designing your bathroom. A good level should be able to withstand wet conditions, not slippery and easy to clean. There is a broad range of bathroom floor tiles to choose from with a variety of styles ranging from modern to classic.

Moreover, they also come in different sizes, colors and finishes. Feature tile flooring can be a perfect way of making your bathroom floor eye-catching and making it the focal point.

One great feature of feature floor tile is that it can add style to a smaller bathroom without overwhelming the space. In fact, the effect is elegant when used in larger bathrooms.

Natural Look

natural look

For those who love nature and its serenity, drawing inspiration from it is a great way of giving our space a majestic look. Several bathroom materials have been designed with a natural appeal.

Wood is such natural material that can give your bathroom a stunning look. Therefore, the use of porcelain and ceramic wood-like tiles can give your bathroom a genuinely natural feel.

Other natural materials that can be utilized are the natural stones as well as river rocks. These materials can not only be used for walls and the flooring but also on your sinks, vanity tops, and baths.

Polished Metallic


The use of polished metallic fixtures for your bathroom is another way of enhancing an elegant feel. Metals are usually sleek and glamorous with a beautiful contrast with natural materials.

Metals such as polished stainless steel are light reflecting and can inject a sense of style to your bathroom. Some metal fixtures you can introduce in your bathroom can range from smaller splashes with metal hardware, shower rails, towel bars, and accessories.


lightingConsider your bathroom a place to escape to and relax after a long day’s work; you would want to stay longer in your bathtub and enjoy the serenity that comes with it. When selecting your bathroom lighting design, it is important to consider the mood and the ambiance you would like to create.

For the best bathroom atmosphere, four types of light designs to choose from are accent, task, sparkle and decorative. Before making any choice, you should first devise a functional lighting plan to burn your bathtub, sink, and shower areas evenly.

Don’t be limited by your lighting options. Use a little bit of your imagination and blend the available products to convert your bathroom into a luxurious space

Customized Fixtures

customize fixerNow a days most people prefer custom fixtures for their bathrooms other than the mass produced. If your bathroom has a smaller space, you can consider a pedestal sink other than a vanity.

This is because a pedestal sink has a slimmer base and is more streamlined. Another great design is to integrate your fixture directly into the wall which can be achieved by using a modern slim sink design.

A free standing bathtub can also be another grand idea; this will free more space and will look beautiful on a neatly tiled floor.

Another ingenious way of sprucing up your small bathroom is to mount a large mirror above your sink. When placed on a beautifully tiled wall, the large mirror will reflect light and create an illusion that your space is large.

Add Slab Shelves

salvesMore often, bathroom products such as toiletries, towels and paper products can consume a lot of your space. This may prompt you to go beyond the usual convention and create more efficient space.

One great storage design idea is to add slab shelves, choosing a natural slab stone can add an earthy feel to your bathroom. Besides providing a space for holding a variety of bathroom items, plate shelves can also act as extra counter space.Natural stone comes in a wide variety and can blend well with the kind of tile used.





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