All-Natural Candles Worth Buying and Using For Interior Decor

Candles As Part Of  Interior Decor

Candles are considered a part of our interior design accessories and have been used to give a final touch to any space. Choosing the right candle can transform your space. The fragrance of the candle can enhance the mood or ambiance, and the candle can be a “pop” of accent color.

However, not every candle you buy is safe for your use. The problem with most regular scented candles is that they contain chemicals, which may be considered harmful to your health. It is, therefore, wise to opt for all-natural candles. A natural candle can offer you with health benefits, such as relaxation and stress-relief, besides being environment-friendly.

To help you choose the best candles, here are some of the all-natural candles available on the market today.

Beeswax pillar candle

Beeswax pillar candle

This type of all-natural candle made from 100% beeswax. It is free from all toxic components used for making regular scented candles. They are short and stout in design and offer a longer burning time. Emitting a rich beeswax fragrance into the air during prolonged burning. They are capable of withstanding up to 60 hours burn time.

Tatine Forest Candle

Tatine forest floor candle

Tatine forest candle evokes a wet dirt forest floor mixed with damp wood. Soaked ferns and forest green leave along with this. This handmade candle packaged in an elegant glass tube. And comes from a renowned Chicago brand evokes. It is best to use indoors when it is too chilly to go outside.

Alex and Ani – Path Of Life

Alex and Ani Path of life

The Path of Life is one of the elegant candles with a beautiful design decoration. It contains the soft scents of zesty lime, vanilla tonka beans as well as warm nutmeg. Its wick is made from wood and hence produces delightful cracking sounds as it burns.

Soy candles in a tin

soy tin candle

This all-natural candle is made from essential pure grade oil with a vegetable base as the wax. There are no traces of synthetic fragrance or any petroleum products in soy candles. But just the rich natural scents you deserve.

They are packaged in a nice 3 oz. tins with a wick that is lead-free and natural and its approximate burn time is up to 25 hours. There are quite a number scents varieties to choose from.

Hand Poured Soy Candle

Hand Poured Soy Candle

This type of candle branded as Board and Batten are naturally scented candles. And can be used safely with children and pets. They are made from natural ingredients and essential oils that are 100% pure.No synthetic scents are infused in them, and it comes with a cotton wick.

Tea lights, beeswax

Tea lights, beeswax

These little delightful looking candles from Casper Candle. The company is in Oregon and the candles come with fully biodegradable cello bags. They can be used as an alternative to diffusers and oil burners. It is also important to note that tea lights are paraffin-free and come with a 100% cotton wick.

Red Cedar Candle

Red Cedar Candle

Red cedar candle is developed from 100 percent vegetable wax. which is hand poured into beautifully colored glass containers that have a rustic and elegant appeal. It comes in six exotic fragrances to choose from. The red cedar candle is suitable to use when you get home. After having had a busy day and need to unwind.


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