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In our opinion, the best 3 mattresses you can buy online today are the Alexander Signature Select Mattress, the Eve Mattress, and the Tuft And Needle. Leading mattress review sites like SleepDelivered.com, SleepLikeTheDead.com and MattressClarity.com agree.

Perhaps one of the most valuable items in your house is a good quality mattress for your bed.

That is because it is here that you get your most precious 8 hours of recommended rest time each day. A good quality mattress offers you a place to unwind after having gone through a hard day challenge.

Most people usually don’t consider how great our mattresses are and how they impact our daily lives. It is, in fact, Selecting the right mattress that will satisfy your specific needs and make your night sleeps worthwhile. In this article, we are focused on mattress reviews of some of the best mattresses available in the market.

Alexander Brand Mattress


Alexander brand mattress by Nest Bedding is arguably one of the best mattresses in the market. It has a lot to offer than most of the mattresses around due to its unique construction.

This foam mattress has four distinct layers, and it is 13-inches in size.Alexander bed contains 2-inch coated padded cover which gives a soft feel and comfort whether sleeping or sitting on it. The cotton and polyester fabric are used to design the lid. It is highly breathable to keep the sleeping surface cool and comfortable.

Below the cover is the first 4-inch layer of gel memory foam. The main function of this layer is to absorb heat from the top surface of the cover. Spread it over to the sides and the bottom of the mattress. It also helps to offer an excellent level of comfort while giving support and relief pressure for the mattress.

Below this is the second layer which is 1-inch in thickness and consists of Visco foam.That gives the bed its elastic properties, responsiveness as well as cooling. Having this layer right below the gel memory foam provides excellent support and high level of comfort to the mattress.

The third layer consists of a 2-inch transition foam that gives additional support to the top layers of the mattress. The combinations of both the second and third layers of the Alexander bedding create additional support. It acts as little compression support for those with heavier weights.

Finally, the fourth and the final lower layer consisting of a 4-inch high-density supportive foam. That serves as the core foundation of the mattress. It helps to support the other top players and preventing it from sagging out and improving its edge support.

For those who like sleeping on something that would not make them sink. The Alexander brand is the choice to go for it and available in soft and firm versions depending on taste. The materials and construction of this different versions are similar but with varying density layers.

The Eve Mattress Brand


It is a luxurious bed that can sell at reasonably fair price which combines both cooling factor and memory form. This will no doubt you an exquisite sleep waking up every morning feeling relaxed and comfortable.

It designed with new generation foams that are better than the traditional ones. As this provided a product that is neither too warm nor too cold when sleeping on it. It constructed with four main elements that make this mattress unique, comfortable to sleep on and value for your money.

One of these principal components is the removable outer cover. It consists of a knitted cover made from polyester material to give it its soft surface and comfort to sleep. Since it is zippered all way round, the cover is easily removable and washable hence leaving the mattress always clean and fresh.

The first top layer that makes up this bed consists of about 1.5-inches of new generation memory foam. This foam helps to provide comfort, relieving pressure on joints as well as allowing for easy movement while you are sleeping. Since it does not create depressions on one area, you don’t have to roll over a hump.

The second layer is made up of a 1-inch breathable cooling foam with superior breathability qualities as compared to other memory foams. The open air technology used for its construction does not allow it to retain heat within the mattress since it allows a free flow of air.

Finally, the lower level consists of a 7-inch high-density base foam that helps to support the other top players. This is an ideal mattress that offers an even level of firmness, comfortable and cool to sleep on.

Tuft And Needle Mattress


The tuft and needle mattress made in the USA is a universally comfortable foam mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard but well designed to evenly distribute your body weight.

It is built from two layers of the structure with the first 3-inch top layer consisting of a pressure-relieving polyfoam material. This layer is mainly designed to offer comfort, cooling of the mattress and support.

Below this top layer is a 7-inch of high-density foam that acts as the base support for the top coat. It creates the foundation for the mattress as well as providing it with its shape. Apart from the two cushion layers, it also comes with a rayon/polyester blend thin white cover that improves the cooling effect of the bed.

The firmness, feel and support of tuft and needle bed can be considered average and therefore it is appealing to a wider range of sleepers. Another great feature of this bed is its ease of mobility; it comes compressed and vacuum sealed in an easy to carry box.

Due to the simple design and foams used for its construction, the price of tuft and needle mattress is a bit low which is perfect for most of the people. In fact, this is the best option to go for if you are operating on a tight budget but you still want to go for a quality foam mattress.

When you buy Tuft and Needle Mattress on Amazon, you are given a 30-day trial and if not satisfied you can return the product back.



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