10 Great Natural Candles To Freshen Up Your Home

Summertime conjures up images of fresh air, cut grass, and beautiful floral scents. We open our windows up to let in the breeze and freshness but don’t always manage to recapture that sense of the great outdoors. There are a couple of reasons why we struggle to create that pure, fresh atmosphere in the home.

The first problem, especially for urban residents, is the number of pollutants in that “fresh” air. Another problem is the type of synthetic or natural candles we burn to improve the scent. Synthetic candles contain dangerous chemicals and artificial substances that may make us ill. We aren’t improving the air in our homes when burning them and could be making the problem worse.

The good news for concerned homeowners and consumers is that there is a solution. There are lots of brands that provide a natural alternative via safe, beautiful candles. These natural candles use non-toxic ingredients, great designs, and are often more environmentally-conscious.

Below are ten great products that all have great features and benefits for users after cleaner, safer air at home. Before that, let’s look at some of the key elements to look for when buying natural candles.

What To Look For In A Natural Candle

The best way to find a natural, non-toxic candle that is safe for the home is to look at the materials and ingredients. Reading the labels and specifications on each option can be time-consuming. But, this effort could mean the difference between a 100% safe product and one with hidden dangers. The most important features to look for in these candles include the following.

The Wax

The first consideration when choosing your new non-toxic candle is the type of oil and wax used to form the candle. Many consumers don’t realize that they burn paraffin in their regular scented candles. Paraffin can be dangerous and may release carcinogens. There are plenty of natural oil products that are safe to burn as an alternative. Some of these oils are well-known, such as beeswax candles, while coconut and soy are less commercial. Palm oil is another alternative. But, there are concerns about sustainability and the impact of palm oil production on deforestation. It is essential to read the ingredients list before buying any candle.

The Wick

The composition of the wick of scented candles may come as a surprise to consumers. There are regulations in place in the US to ensure that candle wicks contain cotton or paper only. Brands still try and hide a surprising amount of heavy metals in their wicks. The metal provides structural integrity but isn’t safe to burn. Look out for natural candles without these dangerous metals.

Fragrance and Color

Brightly colored scented candles look great when designing a room. But, have you considered what goes into those candles to create that bright color or strong fragrance? There is a good chance that both the scent and color are artificial to strengthen their impact. The best non-toxic natural candles have no chemicals, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances. The scent often comes from natural essential oils, many of which have aromatherapeutic properties. The color is more muted, but developers can use botanical elements to improve the look further.

The Container

Finally, the container and packaging of a candle are also important if you want to push those green values further. A plastic container or wrapping cancels out some of the eco-friendly benefits of the materials within the candle. Thankfully, there are lots of great brands out there that use recyclable or even recycled materials.

Natural Candles With The Best Oil and Wax

1) Bee Organic Beeswax Pillar Candle

The best place to start when considering natural waxes is beeswax. Beeswax is popular because of its natural origin and its impact on neutralizing the air in a room.  The Bee Organic large pillar candle has a vibrant yellow color from a 100% beeswax formula.

beeswax natural candle

Be aware that while the wax is organic, the two unbleached cotton wicks are not. Buyers like the simplicity of this design and the assurance that it purifies the air. The main problem is the burn time. The use of two wicks appears to strengthen the intensity of the flame and melt the sides. Therefore, users see a lot of wax dripping down along the side, and the candle doesn’t last as long as some had hoped.

2) Burt’s Bees Vanilla Honey Soy Candle

Sticking with the bee theme, we turn to Burt’s Bees and one of their soy wax candles. This candle is a cute little candle with a honeycomb-shaped tin and vanilla honey scent. That scent isn’t very noticeable, which has left some consumers disappointed.

Burt's Bees Natural Candles

The subtle approach appeals to many buyers after a cleaner approach. Some say that the candle lasts surprisingly long for a 3.5oz product. Users also like that they can reuse the tin for other items.

3) GoodLight’s Natural Candles

In the section above we briefly looked at the issue of palm oil in candles and other natural products. The uncertainty over palm oil means that some consumers will love this option and some will steer clear. Goodlight claims to contribute to the sustainable production of palm oil. A percentage of their revenue goes towards reforestation and conservation projects.

Therefore, if you do buy palm oil, Goodlight is one of the better options. These natural candles come in a pack of 4 and have 100% palm wax and metal-free wicks. Many buyers agree that this is a clean and refreshing option with no smoke, odor, or chemicals. The travel tin is also helpful for those that want to take a small, natural candle to a holiday rental or other destination.

4) Pure Plant Apothecary Jar Coconut Candles

This product from Pure Plant takes a different approach with the use of coconut oil. Coconut oil is a popular, sustainable alternative to palm oil in many natural products. There are different scents to choose from, all from natural sources. This calming candle isn’t the cheapest around.

pureplant natural candle

Yet, the style and potential health benefits give this a greater sense of worth. The higher cost also reflects the company’s processes. The fact that this is a small-batch candle company should appeal to those after quality items. The brand Pure Plant writes about hand-pouring the formula, which suggests greater love and a unique form.

Natural Candles With Safe Colors And Fragrances

5) Red Flower Petal Topped Candles

One of the drawbacks of some natural candles is the lack of color. The muted looks are great in neutral rooms, but some consumers still want something beautiful for decoration. Petals are a great compromise. Red Flower offers this in a variety of colors and scents.

natural candles

There is a more beautiful look to this candle that many buyers will appreciate. The careful choice of essential oils also promotes relaxation and well-being. The company claims that this candle will burn for up to 50 hours. This long lifespan may be a little ambitious, but users would hope for such frequent use given the high price. If you buy this as a gift, make sure it is for someone special.

6) NaturoHealth Organic Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy candles are a great tool for relaxing the mind and body while promoting better health. These candles only provide these benefits if they have natural formulas. The Aromatherapy candles from NaturoHealth contain pure soy wax and metal-free wicks.

There are different scents to choose from in the range. Some fragrances are better received than others, with some buyers likening the scent to perfume more than the essential oil. Still, this candle is a cheaper alternative to expensive products and looks great in its clear jar.

7) Lite+Cycle Sage Candle

The Sage candle from Lite+Cycle offers something a little different from the usual botanical scents. Lavender and other floral scents are very popular, but sage isn’t a plant that we immediately associate with aromatherapeutic products.

There are significant health benefits to burning sage.  The additional health benefits are why Lite-Cycle takes great care to provide a sufficient amount of these sage oils in their candles. Some consumers will also appreciate the use of American-grown soy. This local production means fewer air miles on the ingredients and a greener product. The scent won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Still, the choice of sage highlights the broad range of botanical items available to candle makers.

Natural Candles With A Message

8) Rewined Candles

The last group of products here goes a little further with their purpose and message. The first two embrace the environmental theme. Rewined Candles take used wine bottles and transform them into beautiful, eco-friendly containers. The wine theme continues with the scents, which include champagne, chardonnay, pinot noir, and more.

Rewined natural candle

These candles are a little more gimmicky than other options, with an apparent appeal to gift-buying consumers. Unlike some other candles in this list, the scent is strong before users even light the wick. The green benefits don’t end with the container. This candle is still a natural model with soy wax and no dangerous chemicals.

9) Terra from P.F. Candle Co.

P.F Candle Company also has an interest in recycling and re-purposing items. This time buyers can reuse the terracotta container as a plant pot. Users can become part of an interesting process with this candle. The Terra range contains different scents, including Geranium, Lavender, and Rosemary.

The brand uses oils cultivated from these plants to create a candle with a lovely botanical scent. Once the candle has burned out completely, you can then pot up a geranium or other plant to continue the theme. The health benefits involved in this burning and planting process are vast. The joy and relaxation that comes from the scented candle continue when caring for the plant.

10) Thistle Farm’s Hope Candle

This final option in these top natural candles is something a little different. The Thistle Farm’s Hope Candle shares many of the same traits seen across this list, with the natural waxes and fabulous fragrances. The unique selling point here is the link to women survivors. Women with backgrounds in domestic abuse, trafficking, and prostitution make these products.

Love heals everybody thistle farms

The main selling point here is the charity, rather than the quality of the product. The team at Thistle Farm promises to use natural soy and fragrance for a better product. This candle heals in more than one sense of the word. The different scents, such as Lavender and Lemon, ease the minds and souls of users. At the same time, the candle-making process helps to heal the women involved.

Source: Thistle Farms

Clear Pros And Cons For Natural Candles

There are some repeated comments in some of the user reviews for the candles above, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Some people complain about the lack of fragrance. The subtle scent may be as much to do with user expectations as the formula. Consumers that switch to natural wax candles are sometimes disappointed with the contrast. The fast burn times are another drawback.

Still, the health benefits from these natural candles mean that the compromise is worthwhile. The refreshing, cleansing nature of the natural waxes has a long-term impact on the air quality in the home. The essential oils have more significant health benefits for relaxation and well-being than stronger smelling synthetics. Then there is the benefit of the reusable tins, glasses, and other elements.

Choosing the Right Natural Candle

There is a lot to consider when selecting a new candle for your home, or as a gift to others. The scent is important. Therefore, these botanical, aromatherapeutic options are a great alternative to synthetic chemicals. At the same time, it is important that the natural fragrance and waxes come from reliable sources.

Finally, consider the origin and future purpose of the container. Take some time to read the ingredients lists and views of a company before you buy your new candle. Get a better sense of where the ingredients came from and the brand’s ethos. The more you know, the greater your peace of mind when you burn that new natural candle.


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